I have the WP7 Suite, couldn't compile the lgc file because of character
sets, got an alpha based lgc file from David Clough at Yale and have been
practicing with that. There are still many questions which plague me in all this

My questions are these.
I looked at the .sgm file which passed validation and noticed that there are
no declarations at the top saying what dtd this is based on... Is this a
result of going straight to a lgc and not compiling my own? One problem I
noticed and which David helped me with is that some of the character sets
are missing in the eadchars.ent and one needs another entities file or
something? Is that correct? Is saving a file as .sgm enough, or does it need
to be manually tweeked

When working in the layout "module" it saves by default as a .lsi file, but
I can save to text. When I do that there are no declarations at the top
saying what this is. Do I need to imput that manually or does Panorama read
.lsi files?

How do I get the sgm file to reference the lsi (ssh) file?

When we went through our training at the Fast workshops, we were given a
good understanding of working in EAD and doing markup, something I am
discovering to be the easy part. What was seriously lacking was instruction
in actually mounting the sgml files, making sure that everything was there,
that the files all connected. Am I the only one feeling frustrated? Would it
make sense if we set up an archive site somewhere that has all the neccesary
files, with sub-directories for AE, Near and Far, Word, WP7...  and is up to
date. When someone cracks the code and gets it working they could posttheir
files with perhaps a few faq's on mounting these things or what they did. I
feel pretty competent with most of the computer aspects and am reading what
I can (mostly TEI right now) but I'm sure I'll have many of the same
questions there.

Thanks for listening to my mild vent. It was worse at work..., but I feel
MUCH better.

Thanks, Peter

ps. This was not directed at David Seaman (his post is below) or any other
individual. Excuse any cross-posting.

>If you buy the WordPerfect 7 suite CD-ROM (academic price is an
>unbelievable $39.95) you get the full WP SGML edition as well -- at
>first glance it works very well -- and TEILITE is one of the pre-set
>dtds for those of us marking up full texts as well as finding aids.
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