While there was no effort to deal with complex mathematical formulae at
this juncture, super- and subscript can be taken care of with the <emph>
element with the RENDER attribute set to "sub" or "super". If more
complicated mathematical formulae are necessary (which will probably be
the case sooner or later), then the EADWG will most certainly need to deal
with the issue.


On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Richard Higgins wrote:

> Is there a way of representing mathematical formulae within the EAD?
> At the moment it is nothing too complex, but the archive of the University Observatory has several
> entries along the lines of (I can't do this in E-mailese, either) D sigma over nR.  While the Greek
> character set is easily taken care of, is it possible to represent the characters above and below a
> horizontal line?
> Thank you
> Richard Higgins
> Durham University Library