The expert on character sets on the list is Randy Barry at the Library of
Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office, and so I hope he
steps in to offer an authoritative answer.

What follows is a non-expert view.

As it stands, eadchars.ent does not reference "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES
Numeric and Special Graphic//EN", which might satisfy your present need.
Perhaps we should discuss its inclusion.

As a matter of principle, I believe our objective should be to come up
with an authoritative answer for the character entity representation,
whether or not Panorama supports it at the moment, i.e., we should aim for
uniform practice in order to make the ead instances interchangeable.
Screen representation depends on software having an entity set resident,
recognizing it, and having the correct font for the character and a map
from character entity to the font.

We might also want to seek the advice of Peter Goldie of Lightbinders
Publishing in San Francisco, who has detailed knowledge of SGML and the
representation of mathematical formulae. Terry Allen of O'Reilly &
Associates, who is known to eavesdrop, also has expertise in this area,
if memory serves me correctly.


On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, R I Higgins wrote:

> Hello:
> I hope this will be the last problem caused by this part of my current
> list (papers containing calculations regarding the
> satellites of Jupiter - you get to travel the universe in the world of list encoding).
> Is there an entity for the square root sign (US 437 Character set, #251) amongst the ISO symbol sets -
> the closest I have found is ✓ - a tick, but this doesn't show up in my current configuration of
> Panorama PRO. (It isn't □ □ or ▪, all of which are graphic squares, either).
> Thanks.
> Richard Higgins
> Durham University Library.