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Subject: JOBS:  Deputy Director, USAID Prog, DC

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              Reference Services Project, Washington, DC

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Research and Reference Services project funded by USAID providing
development research, analytical, and information services seeks deputy
director to coordinate operations, manage project units and
subcontracts, oversee reporting requirements, and develop and monitor
systems which ensure the timeliness and quality of products and
services.  Requires: Advanced degree and a minimum of 7 years
experience in international development, information technology and
management, and/or information/library services; extensive management
experience; experience in planning and implementing systems for info
management, communication and service delivery; previous experience
with USAID or related programs; strong system skills; and excellent
interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills. U.S. citizenship
required. Submit resume and letter of application including salary
requirements and reference position number 6302/ls to: AED, 1875
Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 900, Washington, DC 20009 ATTN: