Update No. 1 to
              USMARC Format for Community Information

    Update no. 1 to the USMARC Format for Community
Information is now available.  This is the first update to
the USMARC Community Information Format, which was issued
in January 1993.  The update contains additions and changes
to the format resulting from proposals considered by the
ALA ALCTS/LITA/RASD Machine-Readable Bibliographic
Information Committee (MARBI) at its June 1993 through
January 1996 meetings.

    The most important changes documented in this update
are:  1) changes to the address fields, including the
elimination of fields 271 (Additional Addresses) and 275
(Address Associated with Title) and incorporating that
information in a now repeatable field 270 (Address;
formerly Primary Address); 2) the addition of several
fields that were originally defined for the USMARC
Bibliographic Format but were found to be needed in the
USMARC Community Information Format (fields 658 (Index
Term--Curriculum Objective), 856 (Electronic Location and
Access); 3) additions of new content designators or other
changes in fields existing in other MARC formats that also
exist in Community Information (e.g. addition of subfield
$v for Form subdivision in bibliographic 6XX fields,
addition of field 720 (Added entry--Uncontrolled name), and
change to X00 Personal Name First Indicator).

    The Library of Congress Network Development and MARC
Standards Office prepared the USMARC Format for Community
Information documentation.  Update No. 1 is available for
$22 (North America) or $23 (international) from the
Cataloging Distribution Service.

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                           October 1996