> The USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data does not appear to make any clear
> distinction between a call number and a classification number.

In the CanMarc format 2nd indicators are used in 055 to indicate
completeness, e.g., 1 Complete and 2 Incomplete (usually lacks both
subject and main entry Cutters because of bilingualism).  These could
easily be translated into display labels, "Call number" vs. "Class
number" or "Subject number" if that would be more clear to patrons.

If you can't introduce such 2nd indicators to your local call number
field or 050 or 082 (depending upon your classification), you might
consider using 089.  It is for "Classification number for classed
catalogues", i.e., a classification not used for shelving.  That field
could display with a different label than 050/082/090 (or whatever your
local call number field may be).


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