I would like to announce that the Federal Theatre Project finding aid is
available on the Library of Congress WWW site.  It can be accessed
from the EAD page located in the Standards section
( as well as the American Memory Background
Papers and Technical Information portion of the LC homepage

This is our largest implementation of the EAD beta release to date, and it
was the first finding aid where we made use of WordPerfect and
CodeWright macros to tag large portions at a time.  The container list is
in a non-tabular display format that we thinks presents the
information in a consistent, easily read fashion.

The list below is to not only recognize the people involved in the
creation of the  Federal Theatre Project, but also to show
the level of effort required to complete the coding of such a large
document in something of an R&D mode.

Margaret Collins (recently hired by the National Library of Canada
Music Division) and Sue Manus (NDLP/Music Division) did initial
cleanup of the text of the finding aid found on old disks by Karen
Stuart (LC/MSS division).

Beth Davis-Brown (NDLP) and Sue did the tagging using
SoftQuad's Author/Editor software and WordPerfect macros.

Martha Anderson (NDLP) assisted Beth and Sue by creating CodeWright
routines for autotagging.  Martha also helped with stylesheet and
navigator issues.

Mary Lacy (MSS) helped Sue with finishing touches on the
finding aid and stylesheet.

Glenn Ricci (NDLP) mounted the finding aid on the server for WWW

Morgan Cundiff (NDLP), Vicky Wulff (Music Division), and Walter Zvonchenko
(Music Division) assisted with managerial and administrative matters along
the way.

Thanks to everyone above that worked on the project.  We welcome your
comments on our work!!!!

Beth Davis-Brown
Library of Congress National Digital Library Program
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