I tried to send this reply directly to T. Weller, but it bounced. Hope
     all goes well this time.  G. Miller

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Subject: Re: OCLC User's Council Report (fwd)
Author:  Gloria Miller at Base
Date:    2/12/97 2:16 PM

     I understand your concerns well.  We are potentially faced with a
     contracting-out proposal in the next few years.  As I understand the
     procedure, there will be one Federal contract monitor; hopefully, this
     person will be a librarian (no guarantees).  The monitor makes sure
     your company is living up to the standards of that contract (which is
     hopefully worded properly).  Everyone in the Library would work for
     the same company--either the prime contractor or a sub-contractor.  As
     for security--little.  I recently saw a new contractor underbid one
     that previously had a task (not the Library, but the procedure is the
     same).  The employees of the previous contractor were given the
     oportunity to go to work for the new contractor.  I heard that over
     90% did.  The continuity for the government is fairly high, but the
     employees get new bosses whenever this happens.

     If you're in an area that has a lot of contracted libraries (I know DC
     does, but I don't know about anywhere else), you may be able to stay
     with the company and just switch libraries whenever they lose a
     contract.  I sound like I'm trying to rain on your party.  Sorry about
     that.  Before you accept the job, ask the company these same
     questions.  A few are really good, but a few are really lousy too.
     Good luck.

     Gloria Miller
     Aeromedical Library
     Armstrong Laboratory
     Brooks AFB TX
     (210) 536-2627
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Subject: Re: OCLC User's Council Report (fwd)
Author:  "FEDLIB: Federal Librarians Discussion List" <[log in to unmask]> at
Date:    2/12/97 9:09 AM

I am one of those people thinking of accepting a position at one of the
oursourced libraries at an AFB.  The current librarian is retiring so I
will not be evicting her from her position.  I do have several
reservations about accepting a job from an outsourcer.  One concern is
contract work.  What happens when another outsourcer underbids this
company? Is there any kind of security with this setup?  What about
benefits?  Another concern is that the people working under me will be
working for a different company or the gov't ( I am not sure who anyone
works for) and I don't like the fact that I will have people who I am
supervising that is not accountable for any kind of performance review by
me, their "superviser".....  it all seems kind of hokey ... a real can of
worms.  Anyway, I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this situation.
Please don't flame me. I haven't accepted anything yet.  I am just trying
to figure out what will be best for the remaining 10 years of my career
before retirement..
Please mail me direct and not to the list.
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