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DUBLIN, Ohio, Feb. 21, 1997--Access Russia, an information and translation
company, is now participating in the OCLC ILL Document Supplier Program.

Access Russia provides rapid search, photocopying and delivery of
publications from the libraries and information centers of Russia, the
republics of the former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe.  Access Russia
also provides rapid translations of documents into English.

The service gives weekly bibliographic updates on books and journal articles
recently published in Russia.  In addition to regular document delivery
requests, Access Russia can provide original or photocopied documents from
its bibliographic updates.

Libraries can access the Access Russia document delivery service using the
OCLC symbol, A4R.

"We provide the search, retrieval and processing of a wide variety of
information," said Nathan Birman, president of Access Russia.  "Our
experience working within the various information centers and libraries of
the former Soviet Union gives us a solid foundation and understanding of how
to acquire vast amounts of stored information in this part of the world."

"As OCLC membership and participation continues to grow internationally, it
becomes more important than ever to make documents available from a variety
of suppliers worldwide," said Glenn Patton, manager, OCLC Resource Sharing
and Micro-Products Section.  "The addition of Access Russia as a document
supplier brings another valuable resource to OCLC member libraries."

     Access Russia was established in July 1992 as a division of Access
Innovations Inc., an Albuquerque, New Mexico, database construction and
conversion company providing abstracting, indexing, data entry, data
conversion services and consulting.  Access Innovations also owns the
National Information Center for Educational Media, a database and directory
publisher.  Access Russia, based in Albany, California, became a separate
corporation in July 1994.

The OCLC ILL Document Supplier Program increases access to special
collections through commercial vendors and public and private libraries to
meet the needs of OCLC users.

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and research organization whose computer network and services link more than
23,000 libraries in 63 countries and territories.  More information is
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