REPLY TO 03/10/97 10:12 FROM [log in to unmask] "Encoded Archival Description List":
EAD distribution problems


EAD and SGML tools are so new that we're all novices!

Did you get the new files from SoftQuad?  There were problems that
have been fixed.  Also, make sure you follow the instructions about
tweaks to be made for the location of the files that come in the
Panorama sgmlpub directory.

I've put the three files in the PUB directory of RLG's anonymous FTP

They are:  ead.rls


I've had recent (late Feb.) exchanges with SoftQuad, included so
you know efforts are underway to address some of these problems:

to SQ
What has been done to notify unsuspecting buyers of this problem and
how are they getting to the files?  Any more information about which
files in the Panorama directory sgmlpub need to be moved to other
directories?  Have you set up a support page for the SGML publishing
suite specifically?  It's getting harder to navigate around your web
pages as you have more and more products....

from SQ
SoftQuad has bought out another company called Alpha Software so we
now have 5 more products and we are doing a major reconstruction of
the site.  I submitted my request quite a while ago.  I will check
on its status.

to SQ
We have constant problems with getting Panorama to load EAD files and
the necessary support files and to not choke on the declaration.
Sometimes it works; sometimes not -- but I get error messages in
either case.  Sometimes it works over the net and not on local files.
The suspicious piece is that TEI files give me no problems.

from SQ
We now have the SGML Publishing Suite listed on our web site with
information and prices. We will be adding the
update files to the site shortly.  We are still not sure where is the
best place to put this information so I will be meeting with the web
development group about this tomorrow.

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