Sorry to bother everyone with this message, but we seem
to need a little help in getting started, and in truth, don't know
who else to turn to - I don't think there's anyone up here in Canada
available for troubleshooting.

We're attempting to begin encoding a finding aid using the
DTD and related files downloaded from the Library of
Congress web-site, as well as using Softquad Rules
Builder and Softquad Author/Editor.

In order to use Author Editor to begin encoding the finding aid, it
asks for you to "choose" a ruleset (***.rls). Not having a ruleset,
we've gone into Rules Builder, opened the EAD DTD, and under
Special in the menu, clicked on "Build Rules".  We then typed in
"ead" as the Doctype name and clicked on the Build Rules button,
but this gives an error message.

We were wondering if this might be because the DTD contains several
"entity references" to external files, and the Rules Builder is
having difficulty finding them.  However, the entity files
(eadbase.ent, eadnotat.ent, etc.) are kept in the same directory
that the EAD.DTD file can be found.

Along with this, we were just wondering if it is necessary to "build"
a set of rules anyway.  We couldn't find anything discussing
this in the Applications Guidelines.

There is, I'm sure, a very logical and easy explanation to this
problem, unfortunately we're having difficulty figuring it out. If
anyone out there who uses Softquad products in order to encode their
finding aids knows what we're doing wrong, or can fill us in on the
correct steps in order to begin "tagging" a new document, we'd
greatly appreciate your assistance.

Robert Anger and Kim Murray
Graduate Students - Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto