Robert and Kim,
   A copy of the ead.rls files is available at the Berkeley library ftp
   ftp to
   traverse the following file structure

Michael Fox

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997 17:34:01 -0500,
ROBERT ANGER  <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Sorry to bother everyone with this message, but we seem
>to need a little help in getting started, and in truth, don't know
>who else to turn to - I don't think there's anyone up here in Canada
>available for troubleshooting.
>We're attempting to begin encoding a finding aid using the
>DTD and related files downloaded from the Library of
>Congress web-site, as well as using Softquad Rules
>Builder and Softquad Author/Editor.
>In order to use Author Editor to begin encoding the finding aid, it
>asks for you to "choose" a ruleset (***.rls). Not having a ruleset,
>we've gone into Rules Builder, opened the EAD DTD, and under
>Special in the menu, clicked on "Build Rules".  We then typed in
>"ead" as the Doctype name and clicked on the Build Rules button,
>but this gives an error message.
>We were wondering if this might be because the DTD contains several
>"entity references" to external files, and the Rules Builder is
>having difficulty finding them.  However, the entity files
>(eadbase.ent, eadnotat.ent, etc.) are kept in the same directory
>that the EAD.DTD file can be found.
>Along with this, we were just wondering if it is necessary to "build"
>a set of rules anyway.  We couldn't find anything discussing
>this in the Applications Guidelines.
>There is, I'm sure, a very logical and easy explanation to this
>problem, unfortunately we're having difficulty figuring it out. If
>anyone out there who uses Softquad products in order to encode their
>finding aids knows what we're doing wrong, or can fill us in on the
>correct steps in order to begin "tagging" a new document, we'd
>greatly appreciate your assistance.
>Robert Anger and Kim Murray
>Graduate Students - Faculty of Information Studies
>University of Toronto
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