Now that we've been able to start, there seem to be a few
more things that we need a little help with.  First, is it possible
to somehow provide a "link" that would allow a user of the encoded
finding aid to move from one part of the finding aid to another. For
example, to be able to "click" from an item in an index straight to
the relevant series or file level description. (I admit, I haven't
really looked into this one too much).

Second, has anyone else had reason, or need, to include an index
within a component?  The finding aid we're working on, includes some
series-level indexes, ie. the correspondence series has its own
index, listed by name of correspondent.  The <index> element in <add>
allows for a "back-of-the-volume" type index for the fonds in total,
and could therefore hold a number of series-level indexes, but it
might be useful to be able to place these right within the series-
level component itself.  Anyone else come across this before?

And, finally, is there such a thing as a standard stylesheet for EAD
encoded finding aids?

Robert Anger
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto