If any FEDLINK libraries would like to participate in the OCLC field test
described below, please IMMEDIATELY contact Lynn McDonald at FEDLINK:
[log in to unmask] or 202-707-4832.

OCLC's deadline is March 26, so please respond to me by close of business
Tuesday, March 25.  Thanks!  -- Lynn McDonald, FEDLINK

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Subject: Dial TCP/IP Field Test

Dial TCP/IP access is currently scheduled for an estimated two week field
test at the beginning of May.  The purpose of the test is to verify that the
user documentation is correct and satisfactory and that the OCLC production
facilities are operating properly.   OCLC is currently looking for
suggestions for libraries that would be interested in participating in the
test.  Libraries willing to participate must meet the following criteria:

The library must have hardware running the Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows
NT 4.0 operating system.  This software should be operational and staff
should have basic familiarity with the operating system.

The library must own and have installed a modem running at 28.8bps on the
Windows workstation.

The library must have a telephone line available for use with the modem.

We are especially interested in sites that are low use multidrop (i.e.
"dedicated line") users, high use asynchronous dial access users, and
FirstSearch Web users.  We plan to select five to ten libraries for the
test.  Libraries participating in the test will not be billed for Dial
TCP/IP connect time during the test or in the period following the test
before production.

Please submit any suggestions of members (including contact names and
telephone numbers, if possible) that would be willing and interested in
participating in the test.  I would appreciate your returning suggestions to
me either via email at [log in to unmask] or via FAX at 614-793-0914 no
later than March 26.

Thank you very much for your assistance.  We look forward to seeing your

James Rubottom
OCLC Access Services