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Subject: JOBS: photo librarian - GA

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                      photo librarian job opening
February 27, 1997
Job opening: photo librarian

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution News Research Services department has an
immediate opening for a photo librarian, in a fast-paced, highly technical
environment. The successful candidate will become part of a two and a half
member photo librarian team in a nineteen-person department.

Our photo librarians:
* develop and maintain digital image archive which includes photos and
graphics from staff and other sources;
*  provide photo reference, using the digital archive, print collection,
photo CDs and Internet resources;
* train newsroom staff in the use of all photo resources and develop
training materials;
* work closely with photo department, image control desk, graphics and other

* Previous digital photo archiving and collection development experience.
News library and reference experience a plus.
* Experience on Macintosh computers and excellent technical skills.
* Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, Extensis Fetch, AP Leaf desk, as well as
word processing and spreadsheet programs.
* Excellent problem-solving, time-management and communication skills.
* Ability to set priorities and work well as a team member.
* Strong interest in current events, the arts and entertainment.
* Sense of humor.

Deadline for applications: March 12, 1997

To apply, send cover letter, resume and references to:

Virginia Everett, Director
News Research Services
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
72 Marietta St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30303

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