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The South State Cooperative Library System is a group of libraries in Los
Angeles County (California) which have agreed to work together to
provide citizens with additional services and improved services while not
giving up any local autonomy.

The System began in 1977 and has designed its services to improve
communication and delivery of information and to pursue opportunities
for creative and flexible self-sustaining joint activities which can be
achieved through cooperative effort but could not be achieved

The System serves an area of over 3,000 square miles in Los Angeles
Included in the service area are over 100 community libraries and a
population of over 3,000,000. Member libraries of the South State
Cooperative Library System are: County of Los Angeles Public Library,
Palmdale City Library, Pasadena Public Library and Inglewood Public

In 1977, the State Legislature passed the California Library Services Act
(CLSA) which empowers libraries to join together in cooperative
systems. A 13 member state level board, the California Library Services
Board (CLSB), oversees implementation of the Act. A system level
citizen advisory board, the System Advisory Board, provides community
input to the Administrative Council. Fifteen System Advisory Boards
advise the Systems. South State is one of these Systems. An
Administrative Council governs each of the state-wide cooperative
systems. The Administrative Council is composed of the Library Directors
of each member library jurisdiction.

The Administrative Coordinator, South State Cooperative Library System,
reports to the Administrative Council of the System. This position is
responsible for managing, administering and coordinating library
programs, activities, and services of the South State Cooperative Library
System serving Libraries in the Los Angeles County area. The individual
must exercise a knowledge of library programs, policies, and procedures
sufficient to coordinate the programs and services of a group of
libraries, and the principles of personnel management, program planning,
and budget administration.

Skills in management, entrepreneurial tactics, business expertise, and
public relations are essential.


TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: 1. Master of Library Science degree and
four years progressively responsible library experience, two of which
must have been in an administrative capacity directing, coordinating
programs and services of a group of libraries, or a staff capacity
developing and coordinating system-wide technical services operations
such as cataloging, acquisitions, or government publications;
or, 2. Equivalent training and experience.

LICENSE: Valid driver's license.


Administrative capacity is defined as the overall management of a
function or an organizational unit, including responsibility for the
development of procedures, budget preparation, the direction of
supervisory employees, and participation in policy formulation.

Staff capacity is defined as work performed to assist and support
administration by doing research and making recommendations to
administration for the solution of problems such as organization, use of
personnel, allocation of funds, workload and workload fluctuations, or
programs and procedures for accomplishing work objectives.


Knowledge in the areas of marketing, revenue generation, and grant
Demonstrated awareness of emerging information technology.
Abilities: Leadership, vision, innovation, entrepreneurial skills,
confidence, motivation, sensitivity to the needs of others, and willingness
to make decisions and take risks.


A two-step examination process will be used for the position of
Administrative Coordinator, South State Cooperative Library System.
Each candidate's background will be evaluated on the basis of
information submitted on the resume at the time of application to
determine the level and scope of the applicant's preparation for the
position. Those candidates with the highest qualifications, as determined
by the screening process will be invited to the examination interview
weighted 100%.  Interviews will be designed to assess education,
experience, and general abilities to perform the duties of the position.


Verification of employment eligibility according to the Immigration Control
and Reform Act of 1986 will be required of all new employees of the
South State Library Cooperative System.  Applicants will be required to
submit original documentation showing satisfactory proof of identity and
U.S. citizenship, or a legal right to work permanently in the United States.


Annual salary begins at $61,964.  A higher level salary may be
Factors such as current level of management experience and salary will
be considered.


Qualified persons are invited to submit their resumes detailing education
completed and positions held beginning Monday, March 17, 1997 through
Wednesday, April 16, 1997. Resumes should include the following

Names and locations of schools, colleges or universities attended,
degrees earned, and dates degrees were obtained.

Name, address, and telephone number of each employer, job titles held
within the last ten years, amounts of your budget responsibilities, total
number and levels of employees supervised, scope of management
Include functions managed, description of work performed and your role
in planning and performing the work, knowledge of and experience in
developing management information systems, dates of employment, and
salary earned.

Include with your resume a summary (one page or less) of a major
project for which you had direct responsibility and oversight from its
inception through implementation during the last five years.  Include the
objective, planning involved, challenges faced, impact to the organization
(include budget impact), outcome, and an evaluation of the project

Supplementary data may be requested if it appears necessary for the
evaluation of candidates. It is to your advantage to submit a resume with
complete information so that you will receive full credit for your related
education and experience. If your resume is incomplete, it may be
rejected at any stage of the selection process. All information supplied
by the applicants is subject to verification.

All positions are open to qualified men and women pursuant to the
Americans with Disabilities ACT(ADA) of 1990.  Disabled persons who
believe they need reasonable accommodation, or help in order to apply
for a position, may call the County of Los Angeles Public Library ADA
Coordinator at (562) 940-8477.  Deaf applicants with telephone-teletype
equipment may leave typewritten messages by calling (562) 940-4155.

All candidates will be required to provide positive identification before
being admitted to the interview portion of the examination. Please
bring to the examination a valid driver's license or another form of
valid identification which has your photograph and signature
(school or business I.D. Card, building pass, professional licenses,
valid passport, etc.)


Sandra R. Smyrniotis
South State Cooperative Library System
6518 Miles Avenue, 3rd floor
Huntington Park, California 90255