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Subject: JOBS: Newspaper Librarian - Anchorage, AK

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Subject:       US - librarian - Anchorage, AK
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The Anchorage Daily News has an immediate opening for a full-time librarian
with a strong interest in journalism and technology.

The job in this two-person library involves a little bit of everything,
with an emphasis on news research and computer skills.  Responsibilities
include conducting research for news staff (print, CD-ROM, online,
Internet); preparing stories for the database archives; providing technical
support for newsroom projects; and some clerical duties.  Current projects
include selling access to our archives via the Web; adding content to our
Intranet server; and archiving stories from Quark pages.

Applicants must have an MLS from an accredited university; a background in
information technology; and familiarity with scripting or macros.

Salary $32,000 - $34,000
Start date immediate, application deadline 5/21/97
Please mail, e-mail, or fax resume to:

Sharon Palmisano
Head Librarian
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Anchorage Daily News
P.O. Box 149001
Anchorage, AK 99514-9001
(907) 257-4593
FAX (907) 258-2157

Sharon Palmisano
Anchorage Daily News
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