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Subject: Job opening INDIANA

Please forward this following position announcement
to qualified librarians
   Millard Johnson

March 18, 1997


Duties:  The Assistant Director for Member Services is
responsible for coordinating the delivery of the products
and services of the INCOLSA network to more than 700
libraries in Indiana.  Specific areas of responsibility
include: (1) facilitating meetings of the governance
bodies of the network (Board of Directors, Executive
Committee, Member Advisory Committee, regional meetings);
(2)  coordinating delivery of services from the INCOLSA
Indianapolis headquarters (training programs, information
retrieval products and databases, OCLC services);
(3)  supervising a technical services processing center;
(4)  coordinating the operation of member liaison staff
operating from 7 field offices in Indiana.

Reporting:  The Assistant Director for Member Services
reports to the Executive Director - INCOLSA and is one
of four individuals comprising the executive staff.

Qualifications:  MLS degree and eight years of professional
experience.  Five years of experience in a library network
environment.  A demonstrated ability to interact
successfully with librarians from many types and sizes of
libraries. The successful applicant will be a highly
organized individual with a propensity for attention to
detail.  Demonstrated effectiveness in oral and written
communication.  Demonstrated ability to work effectively
in an environment characterized by continuous, rapid change
and to facilitate change within a network of libraries.
The ability to adapt to, and incorporate the latest
information technology.

Desirable: Experience working in an OCLC regional network;
working knowledge of a multi-type, state-wide library network.
Facility with emerging information technology.  Experience in
both public and fee-for-service environment.

Salary:  $45,000 (minimum).  Benefits, including TIAA-CREF.
Position open immediately in our Indianapolis office.
Position open until filled.  First consideration will be
given to applications received before April 30, 1997.
Send resume, letter of application and 3 relevant job
references to:

Chair, Assistant Director Search Committee
6202 Morenci Trail
Indianapolis, IN 46268-2536