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DUBLIN, Ohio, March 6, 1997--Under the 1997 OCLC Workstation Replacement
Program, OCLC will offer a credit of $750 on the purchase of each new
Pentium-based OCLC workstation through June 30, 1997.  The program will help
member libraries replace their older workstations with state-of-the-art
machines that will not only improve their access to OCLC products and
services but position them to take advantage of forecast networking and
software developments.

Under the 1997 Workstation Replacement Program, the credits apply to the
current M5133Gs and M5166 models, and any subsequent workstations introduced
by June 30.

According to Gary Houk, vice president, OCLC Services, the 1997 program
builds on the great success of the 1996 Workstation Replacement Program and
is a good example of OCLC*s strong commitment to its public purposes of
furthering access to the world*s information and reducing the costs of that
information.  The 1996 program, which OCLC subsidized by over $1.6 million,
helped libraries replace some 3,000 non-Windows-capable workstations.  He
said the 1997 program will help even more member libraries adapt to forecast
computer technology developments, including new OCLC software applications
that are now in development.

"We recently alerted our members to new networking and software options that
will become available from OCLC in the next few years and require
Pentium-based workstations running under Windows 95, Windows 97 or Windows
NT," Mr. Houk said.  "Through the 1997 Workstation Replacement Program, we
want to help libraries upgrade their hardware now so they can avoid being
marooned on what we*re calling the isle of obsolescence.  Unfortunately, in
just a few short years, libraries that don*t upgrade to Pentium-based
workstations will not be able to take full advantage of OCLC*s
computer-based services."

Workstation orders received through June 30, 1997, will receive a $750
credit off the new workstation purchase price, including orders received at
OCLC in January and February before the program*s official start.
 Installation, which is $152, will be included at no charge.  Installation
is not required by June 30 for libraries to receive the $750 credit.

In addition to the standard financial terms, OCLC offers a 36-month payment
option that will make it easy for users to budget for these new
workstations.  Standard Computer Products Request (COMPRO) forms will be
used for workstation orders.
For more ordering, installation and price information, U.S. users should
contact their OCLC-affiliated regional networks.  In Canada, contact OCLC*s
National Sales Division.  In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, contact the
local distributor or the OCLC Europe office, located in Birmingham, United
Kingdom, +44 121 456 4656.  In Asia and the Pacific region, contact the
local distributor or the OCLC Asia Pacific office in Dublin, Ohio,
+1-614-764-6189.  In Latin America and the Caribbean, contact the local
distributor or the OCLC Latin America and the Caribbean office in Dublin,
Ohio, +1-614-761-5196.

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and research organization whose computer network and services link more than
23,000 libraries in 63 countries and territories [].