Network Bulletin 97-19

Date: March 28, 1997

Subject:  Readership and circulation

Index term:  Semiannual reports due

Enclosed are reader and circulation report forms for the
period October 1, 1996 - March 31, 1997.  These reports are
due by _April 15, 1997_.  Please send them to the Reference
Section.  Subregional libraries should first send their
reports to their regional libraries.

Libraries with NLSNET should use the R1 and R2 options on
the NLSNET screen to create the reports and option 9 on the
NLSNET telecommunications menu to send the reports via CIDS.
Libraries having questions about the creation or transmittal
of the reports should contact the NLSNET hotline at

Please review section 9.2.1 (rev. 02/93) of the _Network
Library Manual_ for procedures on reporting these

[Enclosures:  This bulletin contained enclosures that were
mailed to the network on March 28, 1997.]

For further information contact:

Barbara Peterman
Management Analyst
Reference Section