Thanks to Garrett Schure, Nick Finke and Rita Wallace for taking the time
to respond and for their helpful comments.  For me (and at least one
colleague), the main drawback to Author/Editor is the lack of a Mac version
of SoftQuad's Panorama viewing application (several months ago a SoftQuad
rep told me "it's coming soon").

I think a good alternative (until better solutions come on the market),
would be a Mac SGML editor with strong HTML export capabilities, which has
the added advantage of allowing users to view documents on the Web without
downloading a special piece of software.  Does such an animal exist?  Are
there other existing alternatives that I'm overlooking?

Also, I notice that SoftQuad includes HoTMetaL Light as part of its
"Publishing Suite for RLG"; does this involve publishing SGML as HTML?  The
documentation on SoftQuad's web site doesn't explain.  Thanks again...

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