I just got my copy of Panorama Publisher and Viewer and can't seem to load
any of the finding aids the way they're meant to be displayed. Error
messages seem to indicate that just about every element is undeclared. I
got the same messages when I was viewing one of my finding aids marked up
using the EAD.

The problem occurs with every finding aid at the RLG Union Pool. Who's
problems is this, is it the EAD, Panorama, RLG, or all of the above.

Suggestions anyone? We've been using WordPerfect to encode (but I also have
access to AE), and I finally figured out that we need Panorama to actually
tie everything together and make it "presentable." I've also been reading
the manual to Panorama, but that is presenting me with more questions than

I received a forwarded message about RLG wanting to improve the FAST
training sessions to include actually information on how we put all this
together, something which was left completely unanswered during our
session. Perhaps they should have included this part in the sessions and
tacked on at least another day. Tagging is the easy part.


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