"Peter D. Verheyen" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

 > I just got my copy of Panorama Publisher and Viewer and can't seem to load
 > any of the finding aids the way they're meant to be displayed. Error
 > The problem occurs with every finding aid at the RLG Union Pool. Who's
 > problems is this, is it the EAD, Panorama, RLG, or all of the above.

I happen to have been looking into this recently (tho I'm not
sure what you mean by "RLG Union Pool").

As far as i can see, for our server environments (netscape
httpd+solaris2.5.1, or ncsa+Sunos4.1), Panorama Pro (PP) is not able to
navigate remote directory trees properly using references from remote
"catalog" & "entityrc" files. This holds whether the referencing uses
links or the "CATALOG <path>" & "ENTITYRC <path>" entries described in
the PP manual for their respective files.

(My conclusion is based on the evidence of the httpd logs, & i'd love to
hear from anyone running Unix for whom PP handles redirection
properly. It does work to copy/link the metafiles in the same directory
as the documents, but given the large number of metafiles we are
maintaining, I'd rather not duplicate them across all document
directories, which seems to be the only way PP is going to find them.)

PP does handle redirection on the client just fine. This is of course
faster for you, once you have got yourself set up. You will need to
obtain softquad's sgmlpub package with its metafiles for cimi, ead, ebind,
& friends, if you don't already have it. Then,

add to the <PPHOME>/catalog/catalog file the following
CATALOG "../sgmlpub/catalog"

& to the <PPHOME>/entityrc/entityrc file the following
ENTITYRC "../sgmlpub/entityrc".

This worked for me anyhow, yesterday.

There is still the odd warning where processing instructions
in the DOCTYPE element contain references to files that aren't
where they're supposed to be, but things generally look OK even
with the warnings.

-- Rich Fuchs [log in to unmask] (Research Libraries Group)