The academic price that I was quoted by our bookstore on Framemaker+SGML when I
looked into it recently was more like $299.  I am interested in trying it, but
the impression I have of this program is that it is a highly specialized
publishing program with the ability save as SGML.  In other words, it looks to
me like a rather indirect way to mark up a text in SGML.

If you want a "full-featured set" of SGML tools for the Mac, what's wrong with
Author/Editor 3.1 from SoftQuad?  Here at CETL we have been marking up text in
TEI-conformant SGML for several years using Author/Editor running on Macs and we
are reasonably satisfied.  The usual competition that I hear about is either
ArborText (no Mac version, no real academic price) or X-Windows Emacs with an
SGML plug-in (running on a Sun, using a package like eXodus that makes the Mac
an X-Windows server).  SoftQuad has an academic price for the A/E + RulesBuilder
combo that is about $550.

I would be happy to expand on our experiences with A/E if you want to give me a

Nick Finke

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