A Conference on Convergence

Library and information professionals take note: A special arrangement
has been made with TFPL Multimedia Ltd. whereby every paid attendee
at SIGCAT `97 will receive the just-released 17th edition of the
Multimedia and CD-ROM directory disc, normally costing $295,
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So many technologies are "converging" around us that the term is
already practically a cliche. But it does reflect a trend that
affects us all, particularly those of us in the information
technology professions. Computers are converging with TVs in our
homes. Hardware is converging with software to form firmware.
High-end servers applications are converging with browser and applet
capabilities to form middleware. And the Internet and CD technologies
are converging to form connected CDs.  This latter convergence has
particular significance, since it represents a merger of the two most
powerful digital information delivery technologies our society has
ever witnessed--the CD-ROM and the Internet.  The SIGCAT `97 national
conference, set for May 18-22 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Reston,
Virginia, will be focusing on the phenomenon of the connected CD and
will be showcasing experts from all over the country involved in
designing, developing, and using connected CDs.

Another convergence that is having a major impact on the future of the
information industry is that of CD and document management. Certainly
managing and disseminating documents on CD-ROM and CD-R continues to
exhibit a strong rate of growth. But new applications involving COLD
and image storage on CD-based network servers and jukeboxes are just
now beginning to emerge. SIGCAT `97 will provide a comprehensive
cross-section of all of this activity through its rich set of
technical sessions complemented by a extensive group of industry

SIGCAT `97 will also showcase the explosive growth in networked solutions.
As the worlds of business, government, and education continue to
inter-connect with LANs, intranets and the Internet, CD-related
technologies including CD jukeboxes, CD towers, and CD servers are
converging with these network technologies to form very powerful

Computer based training or CBT is converging with CD-ROM and CD-R as the
medium of choice for delivering multimedia content. SIGCAT `97 will
explore the issues, tools, technologies, and new developments
(including Web-connected apps) that are ushering in a whole new era
in multimedia CBT.

Finally, the CD industry, even though it is going into its 12th year, is still blessed
with incredible innovation and energy, resulting in many new and
emerging developments in the field. DVD, DVD-ROM, packet writing,
CD-RW, and other developments will be shaping new applications over
the next several years.  SIGCAT `97 will focus on these developments
and provide insight as to where the industry going and how fast can
we expect to get there.

I invite you to join us at SIGCAT `97, May 18-22 in Reston, Virginia, (please visit
our Web site: as we explore an exciting world
of converging technologies that are making information management
easier, cheaper, and, in many cases, much more enjoyable. So whether
your managing documents, Web pages, databases, or multimedia content,
SIGCAT `97 will show you how to do it more effectively. I hope to see
you there.

E.J. (Jerry) McFaul
President and Founder
The SIGCAT Foundation