FLICC Meeting Announcement 97-19

                         1997 Joint Spring Workshop

             Desk Set 1997: Partnering with Information Systems

Like Hepburn and Tracy in the 1957 film classic, this program tackles the
challenge of what might happen when opposites meet and forge new
relationships. Will sparks fly when staff from the Library and the Systems
Department get together, or will they readily accept their new roles as
"Knowledge Managers?" How can we prepare librarians and our organizations
to keep the library in the limelight?

              Date         Tuesday, April 29, 1997

              Time         8:30 a.m. (Registration)--3:30

              Place        Quality Inn, 8727 Colesville Road,
                           Silver Spring, MD
                           Silver Spring (Red Line)--15-20
              Metro        minute walk from Metro; metered
                           parking across the street.
                              * 1997 Lead AssociationSpecial
                                Libraries Association,
                                Washington, DC Chapter
                              * American Society for
                                Information Science, Potomac
                                Valley Chapter
                              * District of Columbia Library
              Sponsors          Association
                              * District of Columbia Online
                                Users Group
                              * Federal Library and
                                Information Center Committee
                              * Law Librarians Society of
                                Washington DC
                              * CAPCON Library Network
                           $40 (includes lunch; not
              Registration guaranteed for registrations after
                           April 22; no refunds after April
                           Charlotte White at (202) 662-6177
                           Susan Fifer Canby at (202) 857-7787
              Information  The JSW complies with the ADA;
                           please contact Charlotte White by
                           April 1 to request special