Scott Alan Leonard wrote:
> Has anyone attempted to link from within an EAD document to an HTML
> document on the Web?  What I am trying to do is to do two links: one from a small
> thumbnail image to a larger high-resolution image; and the second from a
> section of text to an HTML document that is on the Web.  The Panorama Pro
> documentation says that it can be done (although not specific about
> whether the link goes to the Web or not), but is rather sketchy.
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Go to the same source as I specified before. I believe it will explain
everthing you need to know to do this, except for the fact that you will
need to declare a NOTATION for html in the declaration subset of your
document instance because such is not contained in the dtd (though it
probably should be).

Here's the notation declaration to add:


If you intend to have many finding aids pointing at html documents, then
you should add this declaration to the eadnotat.ent file. You will find
in that file a location to add local notation declarations. Note the
warning about local modifications and ability to share finding aids
there as well. If you are using an editor that "compiles" the dtd
(WordPerfect or Author/Editor for example), then you will need to
rebuild the essential files before the editor will recognize this as a
declared notation.

Again good luck.

Daniel Pitti,