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                            WELCOME TO EAD
                 The Encoded Archival Description Forum

The EAD (Encoded Archival Description) Forum is an unmoderated electronic mail
posting service created to facilitate the exchange of information about the
SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) DTD (Document Type Definition)
being developed for archival finding aids.  Developers and implementers of the
EAD DTD are welcome to join the forum and share their ideas and experiences
with using SGML for finding aids.  SGML is based on document structure and an
encoding syntax defined in ISO 8879, the international standard for encoding
electronic documents.  SGML was selected as the basis for creating encoded
(electronic) finding aids since it represents a key component in electronic
documentation worldwide, particularly via the Internet.  As a non-proprietary
standard, SGML and the EAD implementation of it, should allow different
producers of archival finding aids to share in electronic form documentation
and information about the collections they describe.

The EAD Forum is operated by the Library of Congress, Network Development and
MARC Standards Office, which has agreed to serve as the maintenance agency for
the EAD DTD.  This electronic forum makes use of UNIX software available 24
hours a day at the Library of Congress.  This software is used for other
electronic forums as well including USMARC, the general electronic forum for
the USMARC Advisory Group.

_To subscribe to EAD:_

>From the email account you intend to use, send the following message to
[log in to unmask]:

     SUBSCRIBE EAD <Firstname Initial Lastname>

NOTE: Subscriptions should *not* be sent to the forum address "[log in to unmask]".
Only messages to be posted are sent to this address.  If at anytime you plan
to change your email address, you should unsubscribe yourself from the forum
*prior* to your address change.

_To unsubscribe from EAD:_

>From the email account you used to originally subscribe, send the following
message to [log in to unmask]:


NOTE: Do *not* attempt to unsubscribe by sending a message to the forum
address "[log in to unmask]".  If you are unable to send the "unsubscribe" message
from the same email account you used to subscribe, send a message to the
contact person listed below requesting that you be unsubscribed.  Be sure to
give your old address and name in the message so that we can be sure to delete
the correct subscriber information.

EAD is an unmoderated forum.  Subscriptions are limited to developers and
implementers and thus pass through an approval process before becoming active.

Support services and information about the forum are provided by the Network
Development and MARC Standards Office.  All messages sent to the Internet
address "[log in to unmask]" by approved subscribers are automatically posted to all
other forum subscribers.  Subscription requests and other messages controling
the receipt of forum postings should be sent to "[log in to unmask]".  Messages
relevant to the Encoded Archival Description DTD are welcome.  Other
electronic forums, lists, and discussion groups are available via the Internet
for topics related to other library, technical services, and automation

Please contact the following Network Development & MARC Standards
Office staff for questions related to operations of EAD or if you have
technical problems with your subscription.

     Contact:  [log in to unmask] (Randall K. Barry +1-202-707-5118)

Sally H. McCallum (chief)
Network Development and MARC Standards Office
U.S. Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4102  U.S.A.
TEL: +1-202-707-6237
FAX: +1-202-707-0115
INTERNET: [log in to unmask]


-- Rich Fuchs [log in to unmask] (Research Libraries Group)