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> Free viewers for SGML
> People keep telling me that the Panorama viewer is no longer
> available and every time I go to look, it's still there.  It does not
> include all the functionality of Panorama PRO, but it never did.  For
> looking at SGML over the internet, it is fine.  If you are creating
> your own SGML files, you need the PRO version ($49) to look at local
> files.
> Here is the page for downloading the viewer:
One thing that I have found in attempting to download the free version of
Panorama ("Panorama Viewer") is that you need Windows 95 AND Netscape 3.0
(I don't know about Microsoft Internet Explorer)
in order to load it on your computer. Version 1.1X, the older version of
Panorama (the new version is 2.0) works with Win. 3.X, but is no longer
available.  SoftQuad also requires a registration to download the
software.  (A side note, the older versions of Panorama do not support
JPEG images, only GIFs.  Important if one is using the <dao> element.)

What does this hold for us in terms of trying to use the EAD
when our patrons have to have the latest Microsoft OS just to get an SGML
browser to view our finding aids?  Are there any other SGML browsers on
the market, or does SoftQuad have a monopoly?

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