On Mon, 19 May 1997 16:36:59 -0400 Scott Alan Leonard wrote:

> I'm still working on getting links to HTML documents from EAD.  I've
> followed Daniel Pitti's advice and looked at his EAD Retrospective
> Conversion Guidelines (;
> thanks Stephen).  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but the EAD document
> doesn't create a link from the text to the HTML document.  This is what
> I'm doing:
> [(...text snipped...)
> <!ENTITY accessuse PUBLIC "-//(..text snipped...)//TEXT
> (URL of HTML document)//EN" NDATA HTML>
> ]
> (...text snipped...)
> ... see <extref displaytype="present" entityref="accessuse"> Policy on
> Access and Use</extref>.
> When Panorama loads the SGML document, before the words "Policy on Access
> and Use" there appears a box with the NOTATION and ENTITY declarations in
> it (this box is similar to the box that I saw when I discovered that
> PanoramaFree 1.0 doesn't read JPEG images). The text "Policy on Access and
> Use" is the text that I want to link from to the URL of the HTML document.
> The Coversion Guidelines seem rather vague about external pointers.  The
> section on the <dao> element was clear to me, but the rest of the
> information feels more like a lesson on how to tag using the given
> elements.  (The information on the <ref> element is clearer, but appears
> to belong in the internal pointers section.)
> The Panorama manual talks about linking to URLs, using <?ATTLINK tagname
> attname URI> elements (this causes Panorama to treat the value of
> attribute "attname" of the element "tagname" as a URL), but this doesn't
> work much better.  I attempted to go this way before, but it lead to a
> deadend where it brought up part of the text from the HTML document within
> the SGML browser.
> Has anyone linked to HTML documents from within the EAD?  If so, please
> let me know where I can look at an example.  LC's "Visual Materials of the
> NAACP" implies a future link to the Prints and Photographs home page, but
> the link is still under construction.

I have been linking between EAD sgml files, which should work in the same fashion.  To call an entire file
from a reference, you can use the ext.ptr in <extref> - which is not as satisfactory as an entity but I
couldn't get these working either.  So, without an entity declaration at the top of the file, just insert a tag
<extref ext.ptr="filename.htm">LINK TEXT etc</extref>
where filename is the name (and paths if in a different directory) of the file referred to.

For this to work in Panorama, you will need the following line just before the opening <ead> tag, and after
the <!DOCTYPE .. declaration and any other entity declarations in the square brackets, and the closing"
>" of the declaration.


This should link to another file (I have been using it to refer to other handlists for the same collection in
<relatedmaterial>).   If you want to refer to a specific ID location within a file, you will need to borrow the
TEL <xref> tag and include it in your entity declarations, which is rather more fiddly - but I have plenty of
examples if you require this.

Richard Higgins
Durham University Library