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Re: Contractual Finding Aids Conversion

Nicole, Bob, and interested others,

RLG, as part of its finding aid initiatives, is in the process of
arranging a retrospective conversion service.  We are talking with a
handful of vendors and are negotiating for pricing based on large
quantities.  We plan to offer text conversion and minimal-level EAD
tagging and will likely manage the contract and work flow.

What we mean by minimal-level tagging is basic structural tagging
that validates.  This will eliminate the painful cutting and pasting
activities and result in a parsed EAD instance that will likely be
preened when returned to its home institution.

Our hope is that by taking care of the busy-work involved in rekeying
paper finding aids and getting the text to the point that it parses,
archivists can focus their efforts on adding value to the
minimal-level tagging and on creating new finding aids.

If you wish to have input on the development of this service or if
you have suggestions for service bureaus we should be speaking with,
please contact me or Anne Van Camp ([log in to unmask]).

We will let this listserv know as soon as the service is available.
We will also be offering cross-institutional searching of finding
aids on distributed servers.  All who wish to have their finding aids
made accessible in this way should contact Anne Van Camp.

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