Focus on Electronic Information No. 97-05

Date:  May 1997

Subject:  Shakespeare on the Internet

     Hosted by Palomar College in San Marcos,
California, "Mr. William Shakespeare and the
Internet" is a comprehensive annotated guide to
the scholarly Shakespeare resources on the

     This site is divided into two main sections:
_The Man_ and _The Works_. _The Man_ includes
primary descriptive and biographical materials
such as the First Folio Documents (1623), the
Meres List (1598), and Rowe's Biography (1709), as
well as links to other biographical sites.

     _The Works_ includes links to several
complete collections in various file formats as
well as dozens of individual editions, poetry,
quotations, and so forth.  The emphasis is on web
editions, but gopher, ftp, and telnet sites are
also linked.  In addition, there is a summary of
the canon (chronology) with probable dates of
composition and explanatory notes; links to a
complete html edition of _Tales from Shakespeare_
by Charles and Mary Lamb; and links, by play, to
Barron's Book Notes study guides.

     In addition to the main sections, there are
links to items on criticism, education,
performance, renaissance, and sources.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
World Wide Web address: