Network Bulletin No. 97-30

Date: May 30, 1997

Subject: Book Collection

Index term: Goosebump series in braille

Braille copies of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series, numbers 49
through 61, will be donated to the National Library Service
for the Blind and Physically Handicapped by The American
Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults.

Each title will be produced in two braille volumes with
staple-stitched bindings by Braille International, Inc. (BII).

Titles in this series will be assigned braille book numbers
between BR 11101 and BR 11170.  Numbers will be included on
the standard copy allotment announcements as they become
available.  Network libraries will select the number desired
and NLS will send the distribution schedules to BII.  Patrons
will be informed of the books' availability in _Braille Book

Titles (including some not yet available in print) in the

[Begin indented text.]

     #49  _Vampire Breath (BR 11149)_
     #50  _Calling All Creeps (BR 11150)_
     #51  _Beware the Snowman (BR 11151)_
     #52  _How I Learned to Fly (BR 11152)_
     #53  _Chicken, Chicken (BR 11153)_
     #54  _Don't Go to Sleep! (BR 11154)_
     #55  _The Blob That Ate Everyone (BR 11155)_
     #56  _The Curse of Camp Cold Lake (BR 11156)_
     #57  _My Best Friend Is Invisible (BR 11157)_
     #58  _Deep Trouble II (BR 11158)_
     #59  _The Haunted School (BR 11159)_
     #60  _Werewolf Skin (BR 11160)_
     #61  _I Live in the Basement (BR 11161)_

[End indented text.]

Others in the series may be offered at a later date.

For further information contact:

Ruth J. Foss, Head
Collection Development