Thanks for pointing this out to me Michael. I have taken
the <archdesc> level attribute for granted (I assume you
meant the <archdesc> element). The tag library defines this

  Used to indicate the highest tier of materials being
  described in the encoded finding aid.

Since the finding aid is describing one series among many
I assume this attribute should be set to "series" and the
level attributes for each of the C01s should indeed be

Thanks again for your help. This has given me a whole new
insight into EAD.


At 05:06 PM 6/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
>The answer might lie in the response to this question- what is the value
>of the level attribute of <findaid>?  What is it a component of?
>Michael Fox
>>From:  Alvin Pollock[SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
>>Sent:  Wednesday, June 11, 1997 1:56 PM
>>To:    Multiple recipients of list EAD
>>Subject:       (EAD): C01 level=subseries ???
>>I've just received a marked up finding aid to mount on our
>>server. The container list is divided up into subseries
>>(not series). Some headings for these are:
>>Subseries 1. National Science Foundation Proposals. 1985-1986.
>>Subseries 2. Administrative Files. 1986-1989 and undated.
>>The collection itself is one among a series of collections,
>>so in this context the subseries heading is appropriate. I'm
>>tending to think that within the context of the finding aid
>>however, these "things" act in the role of series. I don't
>>have an archival background so I wanted to check with others
>>on this list. Shall I set the level attribute on the <c01>
>>tag to "series" or to "subseries"?
>>Alvin Pollock
>>Electronic Text Unit
>>UC Berkeley Library
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