On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Elizabeth A. Slomba wrote:

> I would like to learn more about people's uses of
> the <subject> tag.  From what I know from marking up
> our guides and from my cataloging background, I can't
> see an easy way of using this tag when marking my
> institution's finding aids since Library of Congress
> subjects headings (controlled vocabulary) are often
> not the same as the language used in the finding aids.

One approach might be to collect all the controlled forms of <subject>,
<persname>, <corpname>, etc. in a <controlaccess> group after the
</admininfo> and before barrelling into the <dsc> component listings.
That way one could have a grouping that could be identified with a header
in the display as controlled access terms and not have to worry about
whether or not they flow in the natural language of the prose portions of
the finding aid.

Then, say in the <scopecontent> or in the container list's <unittitle>s
etc., uncontrolled <subject>, <persname>, <corpname> tags could be used to
facilitate end user access to subject and contributer name terminology
that is more like natural language vocabulary.

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