Also, because the new "free" Panorama plugin is an evaluation copy, it is my
understanding that it will expire, so periodically you will will have to go and
down load another copy.  Good luck.

I see this as a distinct disadvantage in using SoftQuad. One main reason we want
to use the EAD DTD is to make our finding aids more widely available through the
WWW.  But if researchers have to have a plugin to use it I think that we are
really limiting the kinds of patrons that can and will use our finding aids.
Many users of the WWW don't know how to add a plugin to their browser or if they
know how they often don't want to take the time (or hassle.)

We are looking to server software that will translate SGML (EAD DTD) to HTML "on
the fly" so that it is all transparent to the end user on the WWW.

Does this make sense?

I am an SGML novice and I welcome any comments.

Matt Nickerson
SUU Special Collections