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Panorama Free

I think that we professional information providers have to accept our
role at the bleeding edge.  It would be a shame to bring things down
to the lowest-common-denominator level (though I think offering
alternatives for access is best).  There is so much advantage in
using SGML -- for retrieval, for navigation, for cross-platform use,
and for the creation of a single document that can be output for
computer display, print, non-Web use, braille, etc.  If we don't push
the envelope who will?

In general, the implementation of SGML has been very focused to
specific, often off-line, applications.  Development of tools to
access SGML-encoded information on the Web (in all its varied
instances) is difficult and there is not enough market to drive the
development of a lot of tools (especially in the environment where
everyone expects free tools!).  I think we should be grateful for
what SoftQuad has done, imperfect though it may be, and keep pushing
for more and better tools.  Meanwhile, we should follow the
development of XML as it may bring our applications into a mainstream
where browsers can handle them without helper apps and plugins.


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