Focus on Electronic Information No. 97-06

Date:  June 1997

Subject:  Cookbooks, Cooking Magazines, and Related Culinary
Information on the Internet

Cookbooks are among the most popular items of printed material.
They range from large hardcover tomes covering every type of food
to pamphlets published by community organizations, trade
associations, and appliance manufacturers.  While there are few,
if any, of the comprehensive, bestseller type of cookbook on the
Internet, there is an enormous variety of culinary information
available, and much of it can be found in some rather unlikely
places such as the web sites of television cooking shows, recipe
contests, and embassies of foreign nations.  The following list
represents a sampling of the type of material available.


These online cookbooks are arranged like traditional printed
cookbooks and often have a table of contents and an index for
easy access.

The African Cookbook

  From the African Studies Department at the University of
  Pennsylvania, this large cookbook of African cuisine has
  sections on foods of specific countries including Kenya,
  Ethiopia, and Morocco as well as an appendix on a wide
  variety of cooking techniques.

Alaska Seafood Cookbook

  From the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, this full-text
  cookbook contains more than fifty seafood recipes from
  seafood pizza to Sitka Sound bouillabaisse.

NULSA Cookbook

  From the Northwestern University Library Staff Association,
  this cookbook contains more than one hundred recipes
  including appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts.

Richmond Agricultural Society Anniversary Cookbook

  The Agricultural Society of Richmond, Ontario, celebrated
  its one-hundredth anniversary with the publication of this
  cookbook.  In addition to 200-plus recipes for appetizers,
  breads, salads, main dishes, and desserts, it also includes
  sections on household hints, a spice guide, and much more.


The following magazines maintain sites on the Internet that
contain excerpts from the print editions.  These usually include
feature articles, recipes, and back issues.

Better Homes and Gardens

Bon Appetit

Canadian Living

Cape Cod Life

Cooking Light

Country Living: Cooking


Good Housekeeping

Gourmet Magazine

Ladies Home Journal



Many of the online versions of newspapers contain food sections
that include articles on local food items, local chefs, and a
vast quantity of recipes.

Albany Electric Times Union

Arizona Daily Star

Charlotte Observer

Chicago Tribune

Danbury News-Times

Detroit News

Honolulu Star Bulletin

Houston Chronicle

Huntsville Times

Kansas City Star

Knoxville News Sentinel

Los Angeles Times

Lehighton Times News

Miami Herald

Philadelphia Inquirer

Richmond Times-Dispatch

San Francisco Chronicle

Washington Post

_Television and Radio Cooking Shows_

Many of the cooking shows maintain sites on the Internet
where they make available recipes and other culinary
information relevant to the topic of the program.

2BL - Recipes (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Americas' Family Kitchen

Baking with Julia

Cooking at the Academy

Emiko Kaminuma's Cooking Time (Asahe Broadcasting

Food for Thought

The Heritage Kitchen

Recipes of America

Seasonings: An NPR Cultural Programming Special

Vegetarian Country

Yan Can Cook

You're the Chef

_Recipe Contests_

Centennial Cookie Contest

newStandard: Recipe Contest

The Pillsbury Bakeoff

_Government Information_

The U.S. Government makes a large amount of food-related
information available on the Internet.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): Food
Composition Data

USDA Food and Consumer Service

_Culinary Reference_

Cook's Thesaurus

Epicurious Dictionary


Many of the embassies of foreign countries maintain sites on the
Internet, and, as part of the cultural information about their
country, some include information on the country's food and
cuisine, often with recipes.

Food in Brazil

Cape Verde Cuisine

Italian Cuisine Traditional Recipies (in Italian)

Norway Food

Cooking Uruguayan

_Other Ethnic Recipe Sites_

Australian Recipes

Flavor of Cuba

Filipino Cuisine

Indian Recipes

Irish Cuisine

Japanese Recipe Collection

New Zealand Recipes

Thai Recipes

Turkish Cuisine

La Cocina Venezolana

_Food Festivals and Food-related Events_

Abundance across America

_Trade Associations_

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Almond Board of California

American Dairy Association

American Dry Bean Board

California Avocado Commission

California Macadamia Society

California Walnut Marketing Board

Idaho Bean Commission Recipes

Maine Potato Board

Maple Promotion Board

National Pasta Association

Quebec Maple Syrup Producers Federation

Texas Beef Council

_Other Organizations_

American Diabetes Association

California Culinary Academy

Professional Chef's Culinary Assistant

Vegetarian Pages

_University-based Cooking Sites_

Agrigator: Agricultural and Related Information Index

Cardiff University of Wales

Dinner Co-op Recipe Collection

Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System (FAIRS)

Food Operations Recipe Collection

MSU-Bozeman Library: Agricultural Databases

Mississippi State recipes

National Dairy Database

The Network Cookbook (University of British Columbia)

Recipe Index from North Carolina State

Recipes from Millsaps College (Jackson, Mississippi)

SOAR: Searchable Online archive of Recipes

The University of Minnesota Recipe Gopher

Veggies Unite

_Specific Foods_

The Bagel Page

The Book of Tofu

Egg Farm Dairy Cook Booklet

French cheese: history, variety, taste, tips

Goat Cheese

Ice Cream Recipes and Links

An Ode to Olives

On-line Turkey Recipes

Pasty Recipes

Salmon Recipes

The Strawberry Facts Page

The Village Bakery