Have you solved your Panorama problem yet?

   You have listed the pieces you need to make an external application
work.  Does the entry in your Panorama setup file have the full path for
your application, which should be on your local hard drive?

   When we had to launch an external viewer to display TIFF images, we
used the following entry in the setup file:

  LAUNCH "c:\docuview\docuview.exe \file"

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On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Timothy Young wrote:

> I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has succesfully
> applied the instructions in Panorama Publisher for launching
> external applications from within an SGML document.
> Apparently, the four pieces needed to make this work are:
> 1. An entry in the Panorama SETUP file for the application.
> 2. A notation declaration for the filetype within the DTD or declaration
> subset of the specific document.
> 3. An entity declaration for the external file.
> 4. A entity reference within the document text.
> I've followed the instructions, but no luck so far.
> There are no indications as to where the externally launched programs have
> to be on the local system (in the same directory?), but even taking that
> precaution, I've had no response from my external applications.
> Any responses (direct or to the listserv)?
> Timothy Young
> Archivist
> Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
> Yale University
> New Haven, CT  06520
> (203) 432-8131