I vaguely remember that there is a wpsgml list, but I don't belong, and
don't have its address.  I apologize, therefore, for having to bring this
problem to this group, but you're all I could think of.

  This one stops me cold.  After approximately a year of working with
WP7.0 doing SGML markup, I find it suddenly won't save files as .sgm
files without changing some of the characters:

  In one file it changed all the / characters in the eadheader to the &
form, but did not change them in their /> context. In another file, it saved
all the < to &#60;

  Any informed opinions or wild guesses out there as to what's causing this?

Elizabeth H. Dow, Ph.D.   [log in to unmask]
Special Collections -- Bailey/Howe Library
University of Vermont