The use of the <unitloc> tag for containers such as boxes is somewhat
confusing and slightly unwieldy.

In the description of this element it is stated that it is used for two
separate and distinct purposes: "to identify the location of the material
by the number assigned to the containers, boxes, folders, etc., in which
it is arranged; and to identify the physical location of the material by
the number of the stack, shelf, or other location where the material is

To avoid confusion, I think it would be of use to clearly define the
distinction between physical location of a collection and how the
collection is stored.

<UNITLOC> should only be used to indicate where a collection or
item is physically located.

A new tag such as <CONTAINER> with attributed/labels such a "Box,"
"Folder," etc. would be used to indicate in what manner the material is
physically stored.

Such a tag system would eliminate the need to apply multiple attributes to
the <UNITLOC> tag.

I will not even attempt to delve into the philosophical aspects of what a
box or folder is within a processed collection and its associated finding

Also, it would be useful in the Tag Library to indicate clearly when an
element is a "floating" element or Phrase-Level Element.  I know it is
clearly described in the frontmatter of the Tag Library, but I would like
to see it in the actual description of the Tag.

Patrick T. Lawlor
Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Columbia University