We'd like to take this opportunity to let any interested
parties know that we've just made available from the Web our
first attempt at an EAD-encoded Handlist, for the Glasier
Papers held in the Department of Special Collections at the
University of Liverpool.

The SGML file is accessed by a link from the general page
describing the collection, the URL of which is:

We consider this very much a 'prototype' version at present,
and we'd be grateful for any feedback from users.

It might be of particular interest to know that the EAD
'tagging' for the list was generated automatically through
the output facilities of a fairly simple bibliographic
database (ProCite), rather than by editing or inputting the
complete list with an SGML editor or word processor
facilities. This approach has meant that the mark-up has
been implemented at perhaps a less detailed level than might
otherwise have been the case, and that we have at present
not exploited many of the more advanced features of EAD.
Further, some of the choices about mark-up were also
constrained to an extent by the format in which the data was
already held in the database. However, the approach
has had the considerable advantage of minimising the
need to train the person performing the keying of the
data in the meaning of EAD tags, and, having established the
procedure, we hope to be able to generate relatively easily
other EAD-encoded lists from other ProCite databases which
have data held in the same format.

The Handlist was produced by Emma Challinor, the archivist
working on the Glasier Papers, and the tools for the
EAD-encoding were worked on by Pete Johnston. Queries or
comments can be directed to either of us, but those about
the content of the list might be more usefully directed to
Emma, those about the EAD-encoding to Pete.

Pete Johnston     email: [log in to unmask]
Emma Challinor    email: [log in to unmask]

Department of Special Collections and Archives
Sydney Jones Library
University of Liverpool
PO Box 123
Liverpool L69 3DA