Carolyn and EAD list,

For background see: MARC Discussion Paper 99: Metadata, Dublin Core
and USMARC: a review of current efforts

(This was covered in a program at ALA, "From Catalog to
Gateway: URIs, Metadata and the Dublin Core." I know some EAD users
were there; maybe they can provide further comment.)

"Dublin Core/MARC/GILS Crosswalk"

and other things on the Library of Congress MARC Standards Office

> To the list and Greg,
> I'm not nearly as far along as Greg is, but my concerns are the same.
> How to create a finding aid once and use it in multiple systems?  In
> addition to EAD to MARC, I also wonder about GILS and the Dublin Core to
> MARC and EAD.  Mapping one element to a similar element in another
> system is almost always less than perfect.  Or seems so to me.  Is there
> an answer out there?  Is Mulder really dead?
> Carolyn Foster
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