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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 13:41:38 -0600
From: Steven Law <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Holdings records with contents
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I am a senior cataloger at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.
We have been using a cataloging system developed in house here for the
last 17 years or so and are now attempting to migrate to a newer system.
I have a question concerning the use of Holdings records to indicate the
contents of a particular item.  Let me explain.

We have had a 505 tag in our system which was linked to an authority
controlled microfilm reel number and/or it's constituent parts.  Our 505's
have looked something like this:

505  0002  01    B/1340164  item 3   A/ Births  1558-1609
        0002 02 Marriages 1582-1609
        0002 03 Deaths 1551-1608
505 0003 01 B/1340165 items 6-9 A/Deaths 1608-1610
        0003 02 Marriages 1609-1665
        0003 03 Births 1665-1699, 1610-1664
505 0004 01 B/1693287 items 2-4 A/Birth Index 1558-1812

In this way we controlled the film numbers and their parts (items) and
indicated the contents in one set of fields.

If we attempt to control the film numbers and parts in a holdings record
is there an appropriate way to record the contents there as well?  As you
can see we had some word-processing formatting functions in these notes:
spaces, tabs, hard-returns to create separate lines, etc.

I have studied the documentation and the closest thing I can see is the
866, 867 and 868 fields.  But as I look at these I see that the subfield a
is non-repeatable.  This would force our notes to appear like this:

852  81  $aNUC Symbol $bCollection $cShelving location $jShelving control number
866  00  $aBirths 1558-1609 -- Marriages 1582-1609 -- Deaths 1551-1608

852  81  $aNUC Symbol $bCollection $cShelving location $jShelving control number
866  00  $aDeaths 1609-1674 -- Marriages 1609-1674 -- Births 1610-1674

We apparently loose our wordprocessing-type formatting.  Do you see any
way for us to adopt the use of the MARC Holdings format and create the
formatted appearance I illustrated above?

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.