I would like to add my support to your suggestion. Specifically I would
like to recommend that the a.xPointer attributes for Extended Pointers (TEI
14.2) be added to all external pointing elements in the EAD. These
attributes are (reasonably) well supported by SoftQuad and Inso
(DynaText/DynaWeb), and Part II of the proposed XML standard, Hypertext
Links in XML (edited by Tim Bray and Steve DeRose and available at proposes adoption of a subset
of syntax defined for TEI Extended Pointers.

As currently written, EAD only enables pointing to an entity external to
the finding aid. It does not enable pointing to a subaddress or
subaddresses within the external entity. For example, <dao> enables
pointing to a TEI encoded letter using the ENTITYREF attribute (the DOC
attribute in the TEI scheme), but not to a specific page or paragraph of
the letter.


 (At 01:59 PM 8/4/97 PDT, you wrote:
>In order to get external links to work, it seems necessary to make the
>additions to the attributes of the parameter entity % a.ext.ptr (declared
on line
>727 of eadbase.ent:
>doc        ENTITY      #IMPLIED
>from       CDATA                  "ROOT"
>to         CDATA                  "DITTO"
>( these have been lifted from the TEI extended pointer declaration, where
>perform the required function)
>In the following example the <?TAGLINK ...> is required for Panorama.
><!DOCTYPE EAD PUBLIC "-//Society of American Archivists//DTD ead.dtd
>(Encoded Archival Description (EAD))//EN" [
><!ENTITY pap SYSTEM "../ddc/dcdpap.sgm" NDATA SGML>
><extref doc="pap">this will link to the entire document, i.e. open it and
place you
>at the start</extref>
><extref doc="pap" from="ID(h-34)">this will open the document and take you to
>the element with an ID of h-34</extref>
>the to attribute can be used to delimit the close of the portion of the
>being linked to.
>The script required to perform this in Dynatext is as follows:
>ebt-link book=word(word(attr(nd.sys),-1,'/'),1,'.')
>I don't know if this will resolve all the problems that have been
encountered with
>external links, but it seems to have worked for some of those I have already
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