On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Fox, Michael wrote:

> There are some very thoughtful ideas expressed in these recommendations.
> Let me comment on a few.
> <add> I would support making the elements enumerated below that are now
> found only within <add> available anywhere within <archdesc> or <c>.  I
> am undercertain whether it would be preferable to make them all these
> elements individually available or simply to make <add> and therefore
> its components, available.  If we do the later, do we continue to need
> <add> itself as a wrapper?

I agree with Michael that the <add> as currently defined (Adjunct to
descriptive data) should not be moved into the <archdsc> area.  I also
wonder if trying to create explicit tags to match everybody's current
practice isn't a really bad idea that will unnecessarily inflate the
number of elements in the tag library?

It seems like the <odd> (Other descriptive data) tag is the more logical
place to create a "catchall" for other things like the fileplans,
separated materials, etc. as mentioned in Meg Sweet's message.  Could the
elements already bundled by the <add> also be permitted in the <odd>?
Since the <odd> can already occur in the <c> or <c0X> hierarchy, this
might meet the needs Meg expressed. This would explicitly allow processing
of the same sorts of information either as part of or as an adjunct to the
finding aid, depending on local pracitice.

I think Michael's <abstract> suggestion suggestion is a great one and
would meet the need I've heard expressed to mark off a summary portion at
the beginning of the <bioghist> and collection-level <scopecontent> as
MARC encoding analogs.

Regarding the <unpubfindaid> tag requested in Meg's message, couldn't you
currently put a note in <add><index><p>Alphabetical subject card index
available in the reading room</index></add> and achieve get the message
across clearly?  If the elements currently bundled by <add> were also
available in <odd>, this could then be done at the series or sub-fonds
level as well.

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