To all;

I have a generic question about pointing from a finding aid to a
TEI-encoded item from the collection.  It isn't clear to me from the
information in the tag library which element would be the appropriate one
to contain a pointer to an item from the collection encoded using another
SGML DTD and saved as another .sgm file.

The <dao> explicitly states that it isn't to be used for textual objects.

The <ref> and <ptr> both explicitly state that they are for
pointing/referencing other information within the same encoded document.

The <extref> or <extptr> seem like the only options, but the tag library
documentation on their intended usage is nonexistent and, as they can
both carry exactly the same attributes, it isn't clear to me what the
differnce between them might be or if they would be the appropriate tag
for what I'm trying to do.

Any clarifications or suggestions from members of this list would be
greatly appreciated!


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