Dear Elizabeth,

Have you tried experimenting with a <chronlist> containing a
series of <chronitem>s, each of the latter containing a <date> and <event>
tag? These <event>s can contain further <date>, <persname> ( etc.) tags.
You can also put, for example, a further <chronlist> (or plain <list>)
within an <event>, allowing you to nest the names & dates of the offspring
within the tags of the parents, which should make formatting of the output

I've not tried this in practice, but it is at least *allowed* by the DTD,
so it might perhaps be worth exploring, especially as all this can go
within your existing <bioghist>.

Peter Kidd

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997 14:16:26 -0400 "Elizabeth A. Slomba"
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> Hello,
> I've run across something I can't quite adequately.
> What I have is a genealogy list:
> for example:
> Richard Thomas Walker Duke, Jr. (1853-1926)
>   m. (1884)(1) Edith Ridgeway Slaughter (1863-1921)
>      a. Mary Willoughby Duke (1885-1966)
>      b. Richard Thomas Walker Duke III (1887-1960)
>            m. (1917) Myrtle Judson (? -1941)
>               (1942) Cecile Grotta
>               (1947) Florence Watts ("Jeri")
>      c. John Flavel Slaughter Duke (1889-1933) m.
>             Kathleen Timmons (? -1940)
>      d. William Eskridge Duke (1893-1959) m. (1923)
>           Lucy Marshall Lee
>              (i) R.T.W. Duke IV (1924-1926)
>              (ii) William Eskridge Duke, Jr., ("Bill")
>                   (1927-  ) m. Frances Armistead Marston
>              (iii) Lucy Marshall Duke (1931- ) m. Gerald
>                                         Kinne
>                     e. Helen Risdon Duke (1895-1984)
>                     f. Edwin Ellicott Duke (1899-1900)
> The best way I can decribe this list is that it is in outline
> form.  It is currently in an <biogHist> "field."  I have thought
> of using <list>/<item> and <lb>.  I don't think I could use
> tabular display here (in <biogHist>) but neither is the list
> really in tabular display.  I think a good solution would be to
> nest <list> in <list> but according to the tag library I can't do
> this.
> We need to keep this information and I am not certain that
> reformatting the list will make the genealogy any clearer (in
> fact, probably muddy the waters instead),
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
> Elizabeth Slomba
> University of Virginia

Peter Kidd
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