I would agree with Bill's observation that the model
<c><did></did><scopecontent><p></p></scopecontent> will do what Leslie
wants and is currently valid.

The more fundamental question that I want to continue to pursue is this-
is the <did> only identifying info as its name implies, is it something
more (an overview) in which case <scopecontent> might be imbedded within
it, or is it both id and overview?

Is it really necessary?  It does two things now for sure.  It enforces,
though weakly, the concept that certain information is always
required/desired for identification purposes.   Alternatively, this
could be done by making certain elements mandatory.   It also provides a
wrapper for processing that brings a certain set of data together in a
predicatable block.  The <did> data elements are not scattered all over
<dsc> and <c>.  Some view this as an asset; for others it's a liablity,
especially for retrospective conversion where existing text might not be
so ordered.


>From:  Bill Landis[SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
>Sent:  Wednesday, August 13, 1997 9:32 AM
>To:    Multiple recipients of list EAD
>Subject:       Re: <scopecontent> within <did>
>On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Leslie A. Morris wrote:
>> <c><did><unitid>(1)</unitid><unititle><persname>James, Henry.
>> </persname>Letters to <persname>Florence Pertz,
>> newspaper clipping and photograph.</p></scopecontent></did></c>
>> Intellectually, the info in the <scopecontent> above is part of the <did>,
>> but is not now valid there.  We have, instead, been using the generic
>> <note>, which *is* valid within <did>.  I personally am happy using
>> "note", but can see why some might prefer the more specific
>> <scopecontent>.
>I'm not so sure I agree with Leslie Morris that the info. bundled by the
><did> and the <scopecontent> in the example above are the same.  One
>assumes that the information in the <did><unittitle> is identifying
>information unique to this particular file or whatever level attribute is
>set on the <c> tag, in other words--the info. that distinguishes it from
>all the other <c><did><unittitle> combinations in this finding aid.  The
>information in the <scopecontent> is not of a uniquely identifying nature,
>but just describes what kinds of items (besides the letters) are also in
>this particular file.  The <scopecontent> is currently available for use
>in the <c> (right after the </did> is where were using it), I'm not sure
>why it is necessary to move it into the <did>?  Is it critical for some
>reason that the <scopecontent> information listed above be inside the
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