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Archival colleagues;

With some others here at the University of Michigan, I've been wallowing
in Encoded Archival Description on a very part-time basis for the better
part of the past year.  In time for discussions on EAD at CAIE and perhaps
in the halls of the Fairmount Hotel in Chicago next week AND in order to
get feedback from other professionals on this approach to the delivery of
encoded archival information, you are invited to take a look at and
critique a Beta version of an interface to EAD-encoded finding aids (and
one TEI-encoded letter).

It resides at
and you don't need any software other than your trusty Web browser
(ideally forms-capable, see below) to take it for a spin.

There are more caveats than you can shake a stick at and a lot of
supporting documentation sandwiched around the interface itself.  The HTML
tagging assumes you're using a frames-capable Web browser (it uses the
"target" attribute on some <a></a> tags); if you aren't, you'll still be
able to look at the Introduction and the Search Interface, but not the
Suggested Searches or other supporting documentation (which just might be
a blessing disguised in outdated technology ;-)

If you get a flashing "danger will robinson" message trying to search a
term in the "Controlled Access Terms" option, you're in Nigel-land, it's
a known bug, and it'll hopefully not be a problem shortly!

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